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  1. microtree left Negative feedback   

    Gave him 300m. i am a idiot but o well just a day wasted at job. He got the money and left. can we get this account at least banned.. i have picture proof

    bigred999 was The Seller

  2. hehexd123 left Positive feedback   

    Got me void in less than half a day big vouch

    bigred999 was The Seller

  3. Divergent07 left Positive feedback   

    Did more quests for him! Thanks for ordering!

    bigred999 was The Buyer

  4. Divergent07 left Positive feedback   

    Did quests for him! Thank you for ordering!

    bigred999 was The Buyer

  5. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    Got him a Fighter Torso . Easy transaction. Easy to deal with. Thanks for using me !

    bigred999 was The Buyer

  6. gearing left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a voucher, fast & smooth, enjoy mate!+1

    bigred999 was The Buyer

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