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  1. i deleted no comment at all and never posted on your wall mods can see that
  2. Hello this is not my discord i did message him but he said he already had a account he was buying i would show screenies of the discord but i removed him to keep discord clean this is not my discord
  3. that game was fun when i was 11
  4. lol? you offered 20m for lvl 90-99 strength as a service provider you should be aware that is 7.7m xp equaling=2.5gp/xp
  5. yet no feedback in 4 years but wanting to be trusted with 750m for a service you have 0 proof or vouches for hmm... and also offering 2.5gp/xp for 8m xp done in a 6-8 day timeframe on another post non botted hmmm not suspect at all
  6. Have you contacted me yet? - yes Quest(s) or Bundle(s) Big Chompy Bird Hunting-1m Witch's House-200k Shadow of the Storm-1m The Golem-700k Started Legends' Quest-far as needs to be done for b gloves Family Crest-1.5m Heroes' Quest-2m Shield of Arrav-400k Underground Pass-3.5m Horror from the Deep-barcrawl-1.5m the fremennik isles-2.5m troll romance-900k tower of life-900k tears of guthix-500k 16.6m tottal Payment Method (07GP only) - 07gp Skype? - talking to you now Have you read and agreed to my Terms of Service? - yes
  7. you have not recieved a feedback in 4 years....
  8. trade has been completed 15m recived
  9. i miss the climactic fight sceens as random events used to smack up afkers waiting for them to die to loot there bank
  10. would love a trial if possible
  11. well that was 3 mins of my life i will never get back
  12. he is apparently trying to get the money together
  13. this script sometimes randomly right clicks the ore and tries to use it on the rock has happened 2x so far i have been babysitting it
  14. i mean i have used this script for 8+ hours a day every day for past week or so and got 60-85 slayer
  15. blank out some stats but over 300m
  16. did not lose that much was maybe 1m on the account had 40 agility and 60 fletching and bond no other stats worth mentioning and afew basic quests done
  17. bigred999


    Disputed member:d23p profile link https://osbot.org/forum/profile/302353-d23p/ Thread Link: Explanation:bought animal mag service package and account was banned during has not been botted on prior Evidence: Hidden by Chris
  18. that is over 4k pest control points and i am guessing you mean by barrier method that would be extremely expensive
  19. i am currently doing this service
  20. https://imgur.com/a/Lup8sol extremely sketchy
  21. is currently doing service for me
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