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A new venezuelan member

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Hi there! I'm a new Runescape player and I'd like to be bot programmer for this community. I've been programming for about one year so I'm interested on learning how to make those scripts that I've seen you do well, I hope to get experience on playing, botting and making scripts being member here with your help. I'm currently learning java at the university, I'm from Venezuela and I'm 19, Hello all.

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15 hours ago, D Bolter said:




16 hours ago, Juggles said:

I thought Venezuelan gold farmed by hand? 

I'm not here just for gold, but that's one of the reasons, later I could post about it (maybe, if you're insterested in).


17 hours ago, Plaxonn said:

You've come to the right site! Welcome :)

I see a lot of comments so I think it is, thanks.




Thank you all for your replies.

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