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  1. either this or 60 attack pure with maxed str obviously
  2. 10/10 thread man, ive been gold farming for a few weeks now and ive gone straight in at zulrah, its working really well for me but i thought id come back to the guide to say how much it helped me start up. only 5 accounts running atm but im looking to expand soon.
  3. i hand train my zulrah accounts then suicide them on proxies. 24/7 @ zulrah youll be surprised that a lot of the time you dont get banned, when i say 24/7 i do about 12 hours then sell loot/resupply and keep on going, so i have about 15 minutes in total where im selling loot and buying supplies. fact is if you account gets flagged jagex will get to it in time and see you've been notting so you've gotta smash it whilst you can. im running 5 accounts and am training 5 more, always be training accounts when botting, that is key
  4. i was meerly using it as an example.
  5. I did mention MM's but i also mentioned Fees dudee i literally mentioned and as you can see on my profile that it has been implemented from sythe of which i have had this TWC for 4 years and just decided not to do anything about it at the time
  6. read my post above yours
  7. To be fair people are out to make a quick score these days and its not just 15 year old kids who dont really see the respect that we see after being in the community for a long time. When i was 15 i self vouched on sythe because i just wanted to sell gp and make money, not realising that it takes months, even years to get the reputation needed to be a trusted member. its a shame some people are in it for short term benefit and with my zulrah farm you've gotta put in work and be persistent. im in it for the long run but some people like to fill there lives with short term fixes. EDIT: everyone has there price to a certain extent, if you're making a steady earning that guarenteed to keep earning, why mess it up. that money wont last forever and the first thing most people do when they scam is blow the money. if i build up a rep then ill be able to sell the GP im earning from my bots for a better price than i have to sell it to trusted members or use MM's with fees. yes i have a few customers but people are deterred by low rep as they see it as 'they have nothing to lose' not everyone does but most of the time that is true.
  8. Bit harsh, this dude could be totally innocent and you're firing shots ?
  9. im not a professional but i think its something to do with the hooks
  10. lmao this made me chuckle the fact you figured it out then you were just like, NVM lmao
  11. 85-115M depends on buyer really
  12. welcome man, i hope you find everything you need here
  13. CamOnRS

    Hi Guys!

    if you look at my profile that have carried it over from sythe from 4 years ago, i ceased to trade when i got it and now they've told me i cant get rid of it until i have more positive feedback ive got 7 bots ready to start running and am only running one at the moment due to no proxies ect. starting up the 7 today but the 20 hour sessions varie from 1.5m - 2.5m/hour. depends on how lucky you get. heres an idea of the best drops i got from a 10h session last night https://gyazo.com/d3aaaf69b5edc1d24a76f9a3aeead5e1
  14. welcome back man! good luck in the navy!
  15. welcome! there was a big news thing on venezuelans not to long ago
  16. CamOnRS

    Hi Guys!

    Hi guys, im a new zulrah gold farmer! Got a few things in the pipeline and cant wait to show you the results. look forward to meeting you in the forums and sharing botting tips
  17. Do you agree to the TOS? : Whats your skype ? : byrecoil Whats your partner skype? : live:grizzled_dayz Trade type ? : His BTC for my 100m Do you have me added ? : yes
  18. if i bought the fruity zulrah script and VIP, can i run as many bots of zulrah as i want?
  19. if i got VIP and bought this script, would i be able to run 10 accounts with just the $24.99 pruchase
  20. i can do 110m for $0.75/M We will use a trusted middle man who i will let you pick
  21. Wanting to sell 07 GP for the best deal you will get! $0.74/M PayPal/BTC Trusted MM will be used Trusted Members go first My TWC has been carried over from sythe from 4 years a go and i need to build up feedback. Its rediculous...
  22. Whats the ban rate like on this?
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