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my bad experiance with smurf-accounts.com review

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just wanted to share some bad experience with this "company" who sells lol smurfs.


started 12th of februari when i purchased the account from them, about 2 days later the account got banned, (surprise surprise) 

Luckely they stated everywhere that they had lifetime warrenty on their accounts, "well daam im luccky

I was not

I started to try to message them but noone was answering their livechat, 

I sent a mail and waited 4 days, no response, tried their livechat every day for 2 weeks, nothing no1 there.

sent about a dozin more mails with no respones


then yesterday it happend, some1 answered on their livechat, told me to give them the ordernr and as soon as i did. left livechat, tried reconnecting for about an hour and noone answered.

Tried again today and they told me, either u get this account worth 20 usd less because we are out of stock or u get nothing?

asked if they could just wait a week or so til they get another in stock and their answer was more or less, fuck you we dont deal with people like you. 


I accept this since i got nothing else to do? either this or nothing? good service. 


So my conclusion, 5/7 would waste another 30 usd on them

no i wouldn't

enjoy my rant guys

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