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  1. Okay will be looking this up, if @Deceiver has quicker access he free to upload aswell.
  2. Disputed member: @Deceiver Thread Link: Explanation: He got unbanned yet still has debts? Evidence:
  3. u also owe me

  4. Disputed member: @uta Thread Link: Explanation: Bought his account, tried to login today and the password is recovered. He doesnt deny it: Evidence: And then I got blocked.
  5. @Chuckle used to have a progress thread, maybe have a chat with him
  6. not worth mentioning if u offer 250$ If u get anything decent for that budget it will end up in a recovery 9/10
  7. Budget range? Payment method?
  8. Can you explain how you calced the 13.875M, cant seem to get that number. (111/500)
  9. Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/169267-decode/ Thread Link:/ Explanation: Ordered Song of the Elves Quest + 500 crystal shards on FRIDAY 26/07/19 The deal was 150m to finish on sunday, if not I owed him half (75m). I needed a fast and swift service, this has been neither. I wish to terminate the service, he did not deliver on time and slacked on every field. This not how you treat an urgent order, it is very clear he didnt put in any effort since missing the deadline. Every new deadline he has missed. I wish to end the service and can't pay for such a poor service. Evidence: Progress: On friday he finished the quest: Meaning he had both saturday and sunday to get me shards. On saturday he estimated he could do 30 shards/hour and maybe even 50/hour. On sunday he didnt make the deadline: Asked him both monday and tuesday for an update: Another promise to finish on tuesday or wednesday, didnt keep it. TODAY: I checked in on him at midnight: So actually 111 shards were done, not 120. If we apply a rate of 30 shards/hour as he claimed himself, this would mean he put in 3,7hours since finishing the quest on friday...
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