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[Log] [Attempt #3] Starting Up A Bot Farm From Scratch

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SqueezeTheorem's Bot Farm (Last updated March 10th, 2021)

Current phase: Small scale gold farming

    - Starting cash to give to other bot accounts
    - 150M/month
    - 300M/month
    - 500M/month
    - 1B/month
    - 2B/month
    - 4B/month

    - 5 accounts
    - 10 accounts
    - 20 accounts (10 running at a time in 12 hour shifts)

    - Starter GP
    - Find a low banrate method in p2p with consistent profits

    - Test method to ensure it can evade Jagex for long enough to make a profit

    - Find a method that's at least 500k per hour and is compatible with my low banrate tech


March 20th, 2021:

RIP Account #1, you nearly had 99 crafting and you had 99 fletching. 💔 (~8M loss)

4 accounts are left, 2 of them have prior temp bans so I'm muling them frequently. I've started a 6th account that I'm investing a lot more manual playtime into than usual. The goal is to make it appear more like a main account and have it do a variety of profitable activities (rather than just one) to see if that helps.

Total cash stack is now 30M + assets on remaining accounts. Would be higher but I invested some in my 6th account.

I've also recently discovered how to scale up to ~30 concurrent accounts by using an FPS limiter.

March 13th, 2021:


My first bond cycle complete, looking like it's gonna be around 18-19M profit. This is in spite of the 2 day temp bans on 2 accounts. 3 accounts were used.

I have 2 days membership left on one account, 3 on another, and 4 on the third. They should be able to make up the cash to pay for their next bonds during that window. Account number 4 was recently created and will be rolling out tomorrow hopefully.

I have the proxies needed to run 8 accounts concurrently. I can scale up to 16 accounts total using 12 hour shifts if I make some needed adjustments to my tooling.

With 8 accounts, I'm on pace to make like 300M per month. I can dramatically increase that amount to around 1B, but I need GP to invest back into the farm to unlock better money making methods, and I also need to develop the tooling for those better methods.

March 10th, 2021:

It's been almost a year since I last took a crack at gold farming. It's even harder now than it was previously in terms of BR. While I can't bot for 20 hours per day per account anymore, I can still do 12 which isn't bad at all. I'm running 3 accounts total now. One of them was made only a week ago and it's about to get its first 99. Total assets across all accounts and my mule are just north of 20M.

The combination of my current hardware and my chosen botting methods unfortunately limit me to 1B/month, which is only like $400 - $450 at best. If I can reach this point, I'll need to either find a way to scale up the farm or find better GP/hour methods that also have low banrates.

I'm eyeballing nature runecrafting and the blast furnace, but I have a suspicion that Jagex probably manually monitors these activities. That could make my antiban useless.

June 27th, 2020:

I got all the requirements for blast furnace on an old account, but I'm afraid it won't work with my current low ban rate setup :(

The good news is I've almost finished making an account to replace the one that was banned a couple weeks ago. I just need to manually train a few more agility levels and I should be back up to almost 10M/day again.

June 25th, 2020:

I'm 10 gold nuggets away from getting a coal bag (100% by hand >.<) on a much older account of mine and moving on to blast furnace. The account has decent stats and shouldn't look too much like a bot. My low banrate method comes with an efficiency hit, so I expect to make only 500k/hour doing steel bars at blast furnace instead of 1m.

I imagine Jamflex manually watches blast furnace since it's such a gold farming hot spot. I'm going to be very cautious and be improving my antiban because I really don't wanna go through all the work of making a BF account by hand again.

Assuming I can continue to bot 12 - 18 hours per day, this one account will make 6 - 9 M/day or 180 - 270M/month

June 17th, 2020:

1.) Account #1 has achieved a 99 without a ban yet.

2.) I got a script working for an alternative method with higher GP/hour and lower requirements, but the location I used was too crowded. I had multiple people ask me "what are you doing" while I did the method during script development. They seemed confused and I drew too much attention to myself. Money making method #2 has been shelved for now.

June 15th, 2020:

The new account was just banned. Can't say I'm too surprised. It had a bot-like name and was level 3. Next account I make, I'm at least going to do waterfall quest and play manually for a bit. That's what I did on the first account and it's been going strong. I suspect there was a manual report or the account was being closely monitored.

June 14th, 2020:

After some pretty extensive research and making some custom tools, I'm finally at the point where I can run two accounts for 20+ hours per day without getting banned. This is accomplished using some highly unorthodox methods and tooling. The first account has been running 6 - 20 hours per day with no issues, and the second was just deployed. They're both p2p accounts. They don't make much, but it's consistent and they pay for their bonds within 24 hours. My only complaint is that these low banrates come at the price of pretty significant CPU costs, but its better than the alternative.

Going forward, I'm going to prioritize antiban above almost everything else. The consistency of low banrate methods is better than higher GP/hour, higher banrate methods, at least to me.

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2021 return
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be cautious, weekend bans are equally regular now.


11 minutes ago, oTroll said:

Good luck friend, if your suicide flaxer makes it past 48 hours I'll teach you some tips my OG gold farmers taught me when I first started.

:onotice me, senpai

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