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[500-700K GP/H] [5-5.5K Planks/H] Butler Planking


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Butler Planking


  • 5000 - 5500 Planks Per Hour
  • 500K - 700K GP/HR Profit  [ Cost of Logs, Laws, Planking fees, and Butler fees already taken into account] 



  • 50 Construction
  • PVP World
  • Demon Butler and Bell Pull
  • House and Lumbridge Teleport


How to use

  • Start in Lumbridge PVP World Safe Zone, next to bank chest
  • Have Law Runes and Coins in inventory
  • Have Dust Staff equipped
  • Have Oak Logs in Bank, preferably at top left of primary bank tab for fastest results
    • In the off chance the bot disconnects while in your house, when logging back in the account will be outside the house portal in an unguarded area!
    • Use OSBot's default account.
  • Select Log Type from UI, Currently only mahogany and oak logs.




Oak Planks :
	java -jar OSBot.jar -script CHome:0

Mahogany Planks :
	java -jar OSBot.jar -script CHome:1




  • Add GUI to change log type [ Normal, Oak, Teak, Mahogany ] - Added.
  • Double teleports sometimes - Fixed.
  • Doesn't end when out of logs, runes, or gold -  Added.
  • When first started setup the sawmill task with butler - Added.
  • Add failsafes because PVP World - For now run script without login credentials, in the case you DC
  • Add support for phials, a Non-PVP world alternative


Change Log

  1. CHome 1.0
    1. Initial Release
  2. CHome 1.1
    1. Added CLI support
    2. Added fix to deposit invalidly withdrawn items
      1. For instance, if the script lagged and by accident withdrew a cake tin or what not.


Download :  CHome 1.1

Beware this is the beta release, the bot is working in a PVP world and thus all your items and inventory could be lost. Please be careful when running this script, and monitor it closely.


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24 minutes ago, HeyImJamie said:

This is back to 600k? When I did this it was ~200k or so after calculating costs.

Yep, in the video that is oak planks. The profit has already taken into account all fees.

Fees include : Price of Logs, Price of Laws, Sawmill fee, and the 10k every 8 trips for butler.

Oak logs : 53gp
Law Rune : 180gp
Oak Plank : 477gp

Sawmill fee per oak log : 250gp
Butler price per 8 actions : 10,000gp
	Butler price per 1 action : ~1250gp

Per Trip : 
	(Oak Plank * 26) - [ (Oak Logs * 26) + (Sawmill Fee * 26) + (Law Rune * 2) + (Butler Price Per 1 Action) ] 
	12,402 - [1,378 + 6,500 + 360 + 1,250]
	12,402 - 9,388

	3,014gp per trip

Average around 200 trips an hour 
	200 * 3,014 =~ 600k/hr


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