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  1. I remember I had a bot for tuna potatoes, was making like 700k an hour. Not sure if those are still used for pvp anymore. Couldn't ever run it for more than like 2 hours, because sweetcorn was so limited on the ge.
  2. Hey, I'm very interested in mouse movement in terms of bot flagging. This old thread uses classes not exposed anymore to the osbot client, will the possibility to design custom mouse movement ever be added back?
  3. Made a none pvp world script. Uses duel rings and house teleports. This method is only 200-250k/hr now though
  4. Thanks, download link now actually is for the pineapple script uploaded my crazy archaeologist script prior.
  5. Lol i don't see that on my screen, i was trying to upload it and it kept not showing up. Ill see if i can fix
  6. 5gp per pineapple, so as many as you'd like. 10k should get you through an hour. Be aware I haven't added stop on no coins yet, I'm lazy and had this lying around in my projects folder
  7. QuickPineapples 200-250k/hr P2P Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/22adj9tnstaljy3/quickpineapples.jar?dl=0 How to Use Start at Brimhaven Dock with coins. Method (First Half Of Video) TODO Stop When Out of Coins Support for Stamina Potions (Maybe? Don't see much use for this) Proggies
  8. Hmmm, the only reason I find this concerning is because if I was managing a game and the account was registered in say Florida then logged in on California this would be an easy red flag.
  9. Hello, I have returned from an extended hiatus due to a challenging school semester. The good news is, I'll be graduating with my degree in computer science this coming May! I developed this bot on my main, and no longer feel comfortable developing it with said account because of the attention this method has now received after release. I am looking for users to loan me playable accounts that have the requirements to use this method. Please pm if you have [an] available account(s) with logs, gold, house, and teleports ready. Additionally, I will be using accounts only to develo
  10. While I have no empirical evidence that confirming an email reduces bans, It can't hurt. But, I can weigh in on the account lock outs. I believe this occurs because you register the account on one ip address and bot on another. Try using the same proxy when registering the account as well.
  11. As a note, this code works but I shouldn't be using the widget ids and instead be using the text to prevent the widgets breaking from update to update. private RS2Widget getServantWidget() { RS2Widget callWidget = widgets.get(370, 19); if (callWidget != null) callWidget = callWidget.getChildWidget(0); return callWidget; } private RS2Widget getHouseWidget() { RS2Widget houseWidget = widgets.get(261, 78); return houseWidget; } private boolean callServant() { if (tabs.open(Tab.SETTINGS)) { log("Settings tab open"); RS2Widget widget = getServantWidget();
  12. Can you expand on this dialogue? Is this because the butler is getting back before you teleport to lumbridge?
  13. Jam packed week of school, and job interviews. I'll try to get back to working on this soon.
  14. Going to try to work out some bugs today! Going to try to overhaul the banking system and make it a lot more thorough. This should be a better way of tackling the random item in the inventory problem, and also will allow me to add the air staff support!
  15. Script has been updated, Release 1.1 CHome 1.1 Added CLI support Added fix to deposit invalidly withdrawn items For instance, if the script lagged and by accident withdrew a cake tin or what not.
  16. Thinking it will deposit all that are not Law runes, coins, or logs. Have to make sure not to break the mahogany plank option too in case. Also that brings up another point, I'll add in CLI support as soon as I can
  17. Shouldn't be too hard of a fix, probably just the client lagging a little and by accidentally clicking on another item in the bank. Are you running this on Low Cpu?
  18. Worth noting Script will stop if you have under 50 laws or 30k coins. Are you saying the GUI wasn't opening before? Its sorta small, Ill make it bigger soon
  19. What's your inventory look like? Also you pressed start on the Gui right?
  20. Ay Thats pretty awesome to hear, so the script worked for 15+ hours? I've only ever run it for maybe 4 hours locally.
  21. Try the new link, I updated the isInHouse method to use OSBot's. Script is working locally for me now. Thank you for the bug report, and figuring out the problem for me. Greatly appreciated @Tw3nty
  22. Good to know! Curious why my function doesn't work though, I used configs which I assume is how isInHouse() operates as well. Dust Battlestaff is only a temporary requirement, support for solely runes will be added and phials support is to come If anyone wants to supply me with pictures of them running the bot, that'd be awesome
  23. Bless you for the process builder code, was struggling to hook the bot process in my farm because the OSBot login screen spawns a sub process. Little hackish how you located the java pid by difference, but seems to work well
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