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f2p bot help

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looking to find out how long money making f2p bots last for? someone mentioned less than a day seems like usually just wonderin your guys experience ( hour wise )

could i get a f2p money bot to last

6 hours

12 hours


any experience of f2p botting welcomed and appreciated <# looking to maybe buy a dedi for a f2p army 

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8 minutes ago, tyoui said:

6 hours

thx for experience

6 minutes ago, RDM said:

you'll get 20k

i know a method that is 50k an hr so im thinking if i get a 32gb server if i buy tut accoutns for 50k each and if i can  make 300k before they get banned i could profit extra 200k+ per one before ban


that would be an extra 6m each day and if i can do every 6 hours i can do atleast twice a day at a cost of

2$ per day for ip and 3$ or so for the server

cost of 5$ for 12m maybe even cost of 6$ for 18m if i do 3x times a day i guess :/ would be 100$ extra a week but it is sounding lil tedious now im thinking bout it.....


i think your right actually :doge: i'd have to max the profits for 18 hours a day 3x 6 hour goes +250k each i could get 24m per 6$ spent which is pretty good free money i suppose would be bout same work as i do in real life :/

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Just now, vperez0728 said:

wouldn't recommend it. make it a members for 3m and do that. youll go longer without getting banned and make more money. doing f2p might seem like the easier way to go but youll be wasting a lot more time 

even as a member a level 3 doing the same thing is going to get same ban rate

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