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Haven't seen a script at all that supports starting your own fire at GE and cooking, as well as not getting confused with other fires

Therefore, basic but hasn't failed me yet. 


Start with tinderbox in inv.
GUI - typing in your cooking item, and log you would like to use (type exactly as shown in-game)
Will light a fire on your start tile (Obviously choose a close to banker tile)
If your fire on said tile is gone, will withdraw specified log and relight. 
If you run out of cooking item, or logs, script will stop

I've been able to reach a steady average of 1,180+/Hour using maple logs (higher logs/high FM, longer fire, less time wasting on relighting fire)



Amazing 2hr proggy sent in from @Dab in a Lab





Download the .Jar from my dropbox to ensure you are always downloading the most recent version on forums


Feedback is greatly appreciated

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