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Macro Slayer - OSBot Store

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Macro Slayer is now on the OSBot store, however the price has increased from $7.99 to $9.99 to account for the OSBot 30% cut. I did toy around with a function where you can choose 2 options, monthly or every 3 months (at a reduced cost). 

To my current customers:
You are authorized on the new version, however once your auth expires you will need to re-buy it through the official store. Unfortunately I can't give you the old $7.99 price! :(  I added an extra 36 hours to all my existing customers.




If you have any authorization issues please let me know!


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9 minutes ago, DurtyDurtyMike said:

Can I have a trial of some sort before I buy it? I want to see it working first hand. 


I don't do trials of any sort, you can see a videos I have posted and follow my script thread. If you have any questions let me know.

For now I have to lock this thread because it's a mild gravedig, no worries friend :) 


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