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DJ Khaled

❤ Botting Max Melee Staker ❤

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Hey guys, my previous max melee staker got banned for RWT so I decided to bot a new one. Hopefully we will reach it ❤

Status: BANNED at 95/98/95

Week 1 -3:


1) Botted F2P till 70/70/70

2) Bought a bond and did NMZ quests

3) Started with botting at NMZ

Week 4:


sqpp4y.png Just NMZ training

Week 5:


w05emq.png Didn't bot for 1 day due to personal reasons :p


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1 minute ago, Clank13 said:

Witch script u use?

Best Of Luck!

Private :)

1 minute ago, Antonio Kala said:

wow that's so much faster than what I remember, how long do you think it will take you from current stats to 99s?

3-4 weeks maybe? If I don't get banned haha

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Nice, I just finished maxing mine aswell ~1 week ago! :D 

I already have a staking account with a 2 day ban that I don't use (and a main to stake on), so I'm making this new one into a new main :) I thought it was a good idea to just suicide nmz early instead of risking it later. Only took 4 attempts xD - I botted way too many hours so I was expecting bans

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17 minutes ago, DJ Khaled said:

Will they go through with it? I knew that they were talking about it haha

yeh in last weeks Q&A i think it was they said they are going to do it just finalizing the requirements they want to add on it like a quest or hours played or total level, something like that

Also: epic progress in that time though, botting 70/70/70 in f2p would scare the hell outa me XD

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