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Autoclicking to 99s Project

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My small project to 99 autoclick all possible skills that are possible with it


99 Fletch- Done (100% autoclicked)  http://prntscr.com/jx419b  all filles i used- http://prntscr.com/i42v89

-Most easy one to get to 99, did fast method with darts to 70 from there i stringed all the way up to 99




99/99  Craft-  99 IS DONE here is pictures of all files i used to 99 craft, started with 9m ended with 25m cash pile.  http://prntscr.com/ijjcdw   25.02.2018 https://prnt.sc/jw2g9p

-This was my first 99 crafting skillcape and massive goal, i was lucky and found method that made sick profit with huge exp.

till level 83 i had small loss around 5m, from there i cutted amethys ore till 99, 160k exp per hour.



99/90 Mage - First day of bow string spell ( around 3-4 hours)  https://prnt.sc/jw2ggv  Stoped mage for now. will finish it in future.


99 all combat stats- Gona go for combat stats now, currenlty  99/99/99/99   18. 06 .2018---- FINISHED



99/99 Thief   RUSHING WITH THIEF BEFORE NERF    29.3.2018 https://prnt.sc/jw2gwl   GOING POG CHAMP,    ANOTHER ONE!! https://prnt.sc/jw2h3a

Made 99 thief in 9 days,  https://prnt.sc/jw2h7v




99/99 Cooking- 30. 6. 2018  - 5. 07. 2018  http://prntscr.com/k30piu

http://prntscr.com/k24z0q sick progy, cooking is extremly easy.

99 Herblore

99 Mining




Currenlty doing combat at nmz       7.04.2018                   -                 FINISHED 27. 06. 2018

       - 4 . 05. 2018 99 Strenght done, going for attack  https://prnt.sc/jw2hg8

        - 19. 05. 2018 Attack donhttps://prnt.sc/jw2hn4

       - 99 Hitpoints 7. 06. 2018    https://prnt.sc/jw2hrr

       - 99 Range 10. 06. 2018      Startup gear- https://prnt.sc/jw2ibp   Results - https://prnt.sc/jw2igc

       - 99 Defence 27. 06. 2018       http://prntscr.com/k0e46t

This is my old project that i tried to get with botting.




THE PROJECT IS OVER GOT 2 DAY BAN ON 31. 07. 2018, Camed to 26m cooking exp, mistake was i used 1h clip for more than 20m exp, il consider to make another account and do again small project

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10 minutes ago, jesenican said:

Made alot of 99 flethcing and mage, made also 92 mining without bans on other accounts, this one is gona be first one to get all those 99,but yea shouldnt be problem if i do it smart

This has given me inspiration to have a fun go at it, i'll let you know how it goes, maybe.


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15 minutes ago, jens4626 said:

Gl I'm working on a project myself! - Botted though So far maxed melee, next will be ~70 base stats in most stats, since atm I'm looking abit retarded with barely any stats other any nmz demon and rock cake skill req :p  

i was unlucky with botting, doing bot only for gold now.. but gl

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12 minutes ago, jesenican said:

i was unlucky with botting, doing bot only for gold now.. but gl

I'm also having a small gold farm which can supply the account so I don't have to do any risky money making methods +  I can also get fast 99's when it comes to buyables. I currently have a 1900+ main with 2 day ban so I can't afford to risk botting on it

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