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H0rn's Cannonballer

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(Script ID: 1010)


35 Smithing.

Dwarf cannon quest.

Steel bars + Ammo mould

Have "All" selected in the smithing menu

Starting conditions:

Start the script in Edgeville bank with the ammo mould in your inventory with steel bars in your bank/inventory.

Please post progress reports :) and most of all, enjoy!

Available on SDN: 




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6 minutes ago, spectre007 said:

h0rn im going to run this 4 hours a day will this be safe ? or is the ban rate extremely high and what is the profit/xp per h

I didn't get a single ban when making this script, haven't had any reports of bans yet so I have no idea, profit per hour varies on your breaks, but running constantly for 1 hour is 120k/h atm i think

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