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Requesting a professional editor/ Photoshop Wiz


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Hello Everyone. 

I have been part of the community for a long time but have not been active. 
I am currently looking for a single person to be my #1 go to for all editing, photoshop, image creation, logo creation, and realistically anything creative.
I am working on a business that i will be creating in the next few months. I am well aware that there are some computer wiz's on this page so I am willing to fully negotiate with RSGP payments, paypal, e-transfer, and realistically any other method of payments as this will be a 'invisible' contract between the designer and myself. This is not something that I wish to find and do for a second time, so I want someone very reliable and professional. I am turning 22 years old. If you decide to communicate anywhere other than OSBOT I am more than willing...Facebook, text, call, skype, etc etc. 

Rules and Regulations: 
-All payments will be made upon creation of product. (I will under no circumstance pay you first before you even started working on project. As I said, I am a professional businessman and want to create a relationship. Payments and projects should be freeflowing without any sort of intermediary discussion. The only thing i'm willing to have fun with is negotiation. Most of the time my payments will be beyond what you expect. 
-I want to see some portfolio's of the work you have done. Send me your website, send me your images, and let me do as little work as possible for me to see what you're capable of. If you tell me to go all over the place to see what you're made of... this will not work out. 
-There should be no sort of copyright logo on any art. This is going to be a clean website with very limited art but unique designs. 
-I expect for activity to be at least 3-4 days a week that i'm capable of contacting you to set you up with a project that should be completed over the next few days. 
-Speed is key, but efficiency and quality is of course priority. This will be a professional website so some thought may need to be put into this. 
-Transactions will be simple... 
                    1. I request what design/logo/art I need and give an approx date of when it should be completed.
                    2. You present me with link or image. 
                    3. I will observe, see quality, see what i like and don't like. ( Request a change if need be) 
                    4. Payment is made. (Made depending on quality, estimate, time, etc.) 
                    5. I post on website, observe. 
                    6. You unblock link, or image or however you set it up. 
Throughout the relationship this will obviously become easier as communication will become quicker and telephone calls would probably be most effective. 

Overall, you got the idea of what I need. 
So send me a message and we can discuss this more thoroughly. 



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Good luck with your future business.

Also pay the designers on time to avoid any @Dispute   :kappa:



1 hour ago, lemon_zyxy said:

Could you be a little more descriptive on what you're actually looking for? 


2 hours ago, Dispute said:

I am currently looking for a single person to be my #1 go to for all editing, photoshop, image creation, logo creation, and realistically anything creative.

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