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Does the client seem less stable lately?


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I'm specifically talk about the last 3-ish updates. The client crashes on me all the time now, especially in scripts that override break handler or utilize web walking. I caught 1 client using over 17.5gb of ram and all it was doing was walking...

Also it seems to not wanna auto start a small percentage of time.


Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Hard to do a bit of weekend farming when i've gotta restart every client every hour or so..literally only gotten 15hrs of runtime in the last 28 hrs on my hunters because the ram usage spikes to over 2gb or cpu usage goes up to 30%+ per client..

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I've had some spikes in cpu (from 5-6% to over 50%) for no obvious reason (at completely different random parts of very different tasks with no common action), but if somehow it doesnt crash the client it sorts itself out,

but i don't think thats happened since .41

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1 hour ago, Alek said:

17.5GB for one client? 50% CPU? Sounds like script issues, I'm running my script with client sub 500MB at around 15% peak. 


Not a script issue. .38 I was getting runtimes of 30+ hours, the only thing to change was the client. It's even happening with project pacts hunter.


If you looked at my recent web walker link I'm 100% positive its related to that in one of my scripts -- because i caught the client (again) stuck for over 6 hours trying to go through a gate it can't handle instead of walking +5 steps to go around..

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