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Looking for Goldfarming partner or Mentor


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Hey all, new to this forum (Been lurking for years) but not new to botting. I've been on and off running small gold farms since 2010. I just recently got the urge to start again and hope I can break some records this time.


A little about me, I'm in my third year of CompSci in Canada with an interest in automation. I first started playing RS in 2004, and coded my own scripts for RS3 back in the early RSBot days.

I've got quite a lot of experience with Java, but not so much with the OSBot API. I'm confident in making a solid script for basic combat/skilling/collecting methods, but not confident I can choose the best money making method. All of the gold farms I have ran have been public paid scripts. Since I'm in CompSci, I thought I might as well just code everything myself this time.

What I can do:

  • Write scripts
  • Setup database
  • Fund gold farm
  • Potentially setup automation eventually
  • Organize and keep track of accounts

I'm looking for someone with these skills/credentials:

  • Experience and knowledge surrounding using a VPS and/or proxies.
  • A vast knowledge of OSRS, and any solid gold farming methods.
  • Experience running a gold farm, or at least confident in making gp in OSRS.
  • Free time to discuss (Voice Chat) the current state and direction of the gold farm. (1-3 times per week)
  • Free time to check on gold farm once per day.

Feel free to message me even if you don't fit all of the credentials, I just want to find someone who is easy to work with and has at least a few of these skills.



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Hi there,

I am in a similar position to yourself - apart from the scripting side I can make a basic woodcutter that banks but that's about it.

On and off for the last 6 years I have been involved in Gold farming but not so much recently but keen to get back into it.

I currently have a few methods in mind and I am having a couple of private scripts knocked up for me based on these methods.

I work as an IT Engineer and have plenty of time throughout the day to check up on a farm. (Joys of a privacy screen)

I'm from the U.K and I'd say I have extensive knowledge of suicide farms and also other methods that yearn a profit for a longer period of time.(I know when I can start a suicide farm and exactly when the bans will come in to transfer all GP to mules before the inevitable happens.)

Hook me up on Skype: OSRSGoldSeller

Look forward to hearing from you man.



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