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DISPUTE/ WARNING GRich123/glennr189 (worker for Howest)


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Disputed member: @GRich123 (but i only talked to him on his skype glennr189)

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Explanation: Glenn did an NMZ service for me on my zerker then he deleted me from skype, so i checked my account to find out that he hasnt logged in for 2 days and took my tortue ammy.


This post is mainly a warning for others who are getting services done by glenn.

Evidence: https://gyazo.com/a70b7c54fadf3a8f1fb54aff6e3cd1d7

glenn deleting me from skype

The other evidence (torture being on the account in the first place) is spread across 4 skype conversations so cba to look it up right now, especially since howest can confirm it and we will most likely be able to solve that issue when he gets back on monday.

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Discussed the payments etc with howest. Max str was the requirement for the gp/exp i got.


Im just looking to get a refund for the rest of the service that wasnt completed (which shouldnt be an issue since i think howest still holds the gp, so that doesnt have to happen asap)


And obviously i want my torture ammy back that @GRich123 /glenn189 stole from me.

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Hey all,

It seems weird to me Grich/Glenn scamquit for a torture, seeing as it is only worth 11-15m and he had 80m+ pending in payments to be paid today/tomorrow.

Could you guys see if he was hacked/logged on from different IP, since he removed me from skype too.

Either way I will be refunding @ez11 the torture and the remaining xp (1.77m * 7 gp/xp), later today/tomorrow, since I have work in 3 hours and need to sort some stuff irl.

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