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A Follow Up to The Recent Service "Scandal"


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Disclaimer: I'm only trying my best to come to a fair resolution.
I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move the post at your discretion.


I was hired by Hokage on 6/25.



I completed a few orders that he had discussed with me quite literally right after I was hired, both were completed and everything had gone smoothly.





I was MIA for a couple of days, due to my relocation to a new house. I log back onto my computer to find that my newly found business partner has been disgruntled by recent events.. 


After getting to know him, he seems like a good guy.. I don't think he ever had the intention of having someone fall into misfortune, especially at the hand of his own business.

I have all intentions of fixing this by my own hand, considering I personally think Hokage did not intend for this to happen -- and he's my 'employer.'

@Koont - I would like to recreate your account - all by my own hand for free. I will get you as close to your EXACT XP as I can. 

My terms are simple, I just want to see @Hokage's status as a trusted tradesman reinstated - and his business back in order. This not only affects him, but his workers as well.

All in all, even if this does ruin @Hokage's reputation forever, I do not find it fair to @Koont to be handed a stick with shit on the end of it. So, my intention is to make right what was done wrong.




@Koont - Feel free to create the account and add me on skype afterwards. [dayne.aryn]
I will make the account a member for you and follow up with beginning your new account's progress.

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I suppose you're right, but I wouldn't say I'm banking on Hokage returning.. after all, this is severe.

However, this post is more-so intended to prove my legitimacy as well as help someone. I know I could've PM'd Koont and helped him privately, but I also aim to establish myself as a trusted member of this community, so I chose to do this publicly. ;)

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