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Priminex - Hi :)


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Hi guys, 

After examining the array of scripts and content here, It seemed obvious I should join. I'm here to make a little extra IRL$ by investing time and effort learning the ins and outs of running bots/ light coding. This is now my hobby, prepared for the rocky road of trial and error. I am certain there will be some reward for time spent here and might make a few pals in progress..


Time to dig in :troll:





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22 minutes ago, Darren said:


We've got a lot of hypocrites and damn right retards on this site, so do your best to avoid them :ditto:

cheers buddy, will do :feels:


16 minutes ago, Kaarthal said:

Hello and welcome, we also have a lot of good members and friendly people, so don't be afraid to make friends but never trust someone too much ;)


Thanks mate, Love a positive outlook haha.. determined to find the right people to help me set up and get going

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