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How to REDUCE Bans

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In this guide I'll be going through some of the points which I've used and applied to the accounts that I've botted. I've successfully created mains up to 1.9k total as well as other pures and skillers. I'll share my experience, which I've gathered from botting in another community, and how it has successfully help me create the accounts of my dreams. Other than that, I've managed to generate a revenue of 2.5B Gp on 2 accounts, killing zulrah.

NOTE: These are my experiences, and I'm simply sharing them. If you don't agree with them, it's all up to.



First, I've noticed account age has factor over newer accounts. However, not that huge.An account that hasn't been used for couple of weeks 2-3+ weeks, does help reduce the banrate, yet it has to be used and played on, such as training skills etc. Before cooling down.

Another thing is skills, I've noticed that having trained a wide variety of skills helps a lot. Having your skills spread around, such that you don't have a huge base level of 1s. Try mixing them out, such as getting level 20-30 in 3-4 skills, then another level 20-30 on 2-3 skills.

Quest points are also another factor from my experience. However, 7 QP bullshit never actually worked for me, I usually do quests that are useful, that could actually get one of my skills high quickly etc. This usually puts me at around 15-25 QP, if not more. Depends on my mood, and what I'm trying to achieve. 


Greedy, greedyyyyyyyyyy... Almost all rookies, when they just start out botting, they go for long continous hours, settings goals such as achieve level X in a certain skill within a day or two, they get excited and greedy as they see their skills go up quickly, while they enjoy themselves. This is a huge DO NOT DO! Let the bot work on its own pace, let it do the stuff slowly. Your skills will eventually be achieved if DONE right. Again, keep yourself calm and collected, don't set goals, just let it do its stuff. Also, don't bot 1 skill for multiple hours, even with breaks. Mix it up with another skills, or do some quests. I noticed mixing questing in helps a lot.

Botting hours, that's one of the main factors of bans almost 90 % of the time. Simply -> Bot long continous hours out of tutorial island = Instant ban the next day as we all know. As I've said above, don't be greedy. Mix your hours up, don't listen to the people that say "Bot during Jagex is off work", nah bud. Trust me, it doesn't help, there isn't solid proof that it does. I suggest mixing up your botting into a lot of breaks with small hours of actual botting. E.g bot for an hour or an hour and a half > Take a break for 20-30 minutes. Now you wonder, well I won't be able to bot a lot of hours during the day? Well, that's the reason for your ban rate dropping, I'll continue talking about this later on in the thread, keep reading.

How many hours should I bot a day?

This is a very common question asked by people that are new to botting. The answer is no body knows, but we can have an alternative by trying to mimic a normal human. Ask yourself the question "How many hours can I kill something or do something click intensive without walking around the house or go afk for 5-10 minutes" If you ask yourself that question, it'll certanitely give you an idea of how you should be botting. Bot as if you are playing, as I always say. I'll continute this in the conclusion, keep reading.


Hopefully you have read through everything up to this point, I'll be concluding this whole thread. Firstly, we were talking about how account age, skills and quest points can affect the accounts life span. In the botting section, we talked about greediness and botting hours, and how we should tackle this the "right" way. As I've mentioned in my last paragraph, mimic a real human being. When I say mimic a real human being, means mimic a human being down to the last point.

Going downstairs having some time with your family? > Don't bot.

Going outside for an hour or so? > Don't bot.

Minimize your botting session down to an hour or so, don't go past 2 hours a session. Also, take frequent breaks, 5 minutes is not enough compared to just botting an hour and a half. I doubt a lot of people that has just been flax spinning the past hour and a half will take a 5 minute break, then bot another hour, again a large percentage of humans won't do that, so remember that and ask yourself if a human would do this or if you would do this. 



The guide might not be fully complete yet, since I can't think of anything from my experiences on top of my head. It also might not be as in depth as I wanted to, but might make it more clear tomorrow when I've got time. However, if I do, I'll update the thread with the appropriate information. 

Again, these are my views and my experiences. I expect people to disagree with some points, but that's part of life you know. Everyone has a different approach to something or a different view.

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