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anything to do with a lost credit card?

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12 minutes ago, Chris said:

go to public loc w/ free wifi and buy shit

buy 500$ donor

if you are using a mobile device with the free wifi such as dunkin doughnuts wifi do you think it can be traced ?

4 minutes ago, M1tch said:

or just don't be a scumbag in general?

that's a good point, but perhaps OP of the card is a bigger scum bag. Kinda like the corporate type of scum

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Depending where you found it you should have given it to a shop owner (if you found it in the shop) or called the credit card company and reported it. Do not consider using the card for any transactions as that is fraud and highly illegal. You wouldn't want someone using your card if you lost it anyways, so why would you consider doing that to some innocent person?

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