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Hello Osbot! New future air orb seller

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Hi Osbot Community!

My name is Junius B and new on this forum!

The first intention was to sell Air orb ready accounts with Lvl 66 magic and 25HP for low costs.

Unfortunaly i can only sell accounts on this forum when i make 100 posts.

I was a little dissapointed that i couldn't start selling my Air orb ready accounts already but then i kept

scrolling further on the forum and saw alot of helpfull posts and nice people.

On this moment i'm on D.r.e.a.m.bot forum and got already a good rep with selling accounts and hope

that i can sell here in the future.

I see a nice future here on the Osbot forums and i'm happy to be part of that!

If you ever want a chat you can send me a pm and i'm happy to talk!


Regars Junius B

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Welcome to the community @JuniusB!

I'll be sure to purchase some off you once you've spent some time round here, do take a gander at all of the aspects of the site in the meantime.

If you require any assistance or have any inquiries, pm @Dex @Decode @Mio or @ProjectPact

If you need any gold, visit www.realistgold.com ;)

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No that's not the case @dragonite3000 ! Wanted to give clear info and what i want to do on this forum and that's not against the rules.

Like @Darren said. 'i'm sure to purchase some off you once you've spent some time round here' and i advice everybody to not buy from me till i get the

legit 100 posts! 

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