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Banned after 20 minutes of botting or less

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Trying to seek some guidance. My accounts are getting banned after tutorial island, or after starting to farm within 20-30 minutes or less. 

I think it might be my proxy or tutorial island? Is there a way around it? 


Very frustrating creating a ton of accounts then either getting locked or banned. Having no progress whatsoever. LOL. 

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1 hour ago, RetroBot said:

Have you tried doing tutorial island legit on the ip? Could possibly be a flagged ip. They did step up the banning and locking of accounts though on tutorial island.



2 hours ago, scape said:

Hey dude,


Same thing happened to me. Changed tut island script to not include web walking. Boom not getting banned for up to 24 hours. Using popular API calls such as web walking is highly detectable. Have a separation customized interaction per object (doors, gates, etc) on tutorial island.


7 minutes ago, RDM said:

Dont bot tut island, It's hard to get thru it without being banned with jagex's new dectection update


Going to go through tutorial island manually and see what happens. 

Would anyone know if theres a method to test if my Socks proxy is working with the bot? I might still be using my home ip... LOL.

Command: java -jar "OSBot 2.4.121.jar" -login test:test -proxy

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