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When You get an account unbanned and check the bank.

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26 minutes ago, dragonite3000 said:


@gearing @Sayain I guess it does work; like 20 days later.

if my maxed pure gets unbanned..... i have like 40 rs3 bonds LOL + some hundred mills in osrs

10 minutes ago, Leaving said:

yup its official the appeal went through and they unbanned me, unfortunately my old character name is now unusable... D:

and goddamn't my stats got reset D:

wtf? stat reset?

i just got a reply from mod cake, my maxed pure wasnt unbanned:(

after 3years:;(

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41 minutes ago, gearing said:

neither my maxed turmoil zerk in rs3:( fuck you jagex gl you guys

bro I have no idea because the account above was obviously botted lol, fresh out of tutorial same ip and all. I just botted it with no care in the world for 15 hours straight on a shitty script. and the ones I used private scripts that actually were nice got denied.. but I think actual people review the account appeals now.

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