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Less bans lately?


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Just now, DevilApes said:

how about you? <3 

Botting the hell out of combat on many accounts p2p, so far only 1 ban and it was my fault. Private scripts only! :doge:

Just now, MalteseFalcon said:

There's no mercy for f2p botters :/


Sorry to hear Mr Falcon, how long would your f2p accounts generally last?

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20 minutes ago, DevilApes said:

Yeee me accounts are gucci, knock on wood <3 


23 minutes ago, towelman said:

Is anyone else avoiding the banhammer these days? I only bot p2p so how is f2p for you?

Hopefully come this weekend when I start up my new project this trend continues *knock on keyboard*

Glad both of you are staying alive <3 

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16 minutes ago, dragonite3000 said:

lately everything has been smooth! building up a new pure as we speak :D

Very nice man best of luck good sir!

6 minutes ago, Ritchie said:

My f2p accounts are avoiding bans like crazy its awesome. *also knocks on wood*

Damn man f2p and ban free ? Gotta be using a private script then :doge:

4 minutes ago, Leaving said:

maybe we've ushered into a redo of 2011-2012-13 where bans are few and far between...

One can at least hope... (Prays to Script gods)

Very possible man! I hope! *knock on keyboard*

2 minutes ago, Imateamcape said:

Less bans, or better scripts? :kappa:

Better scripts for sure my dude!

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