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59-70 Fletching on an Iron Man


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44 minutes ago, Aaron said:

Do you have a set price in mind?

Im asking for quotes.

44 minutes ago, gearing said:

but dont you need the gp from bows?:P

seems legit

Maple (u)'s are not worth alching, yew (u)'s are ;)

41 minutes ago, x7599 said:

lmao, I read it completely wrong I meant 29gp/xp

It's afking pretty much, I need a set price. Not going to calc it.

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4 hours ago, Dard said:

Account will be left at the Woodcutting Guild.

Has a knife and axe in inventory.

NO ACCESS to banking

59-70 Fletching

Cutting your OWN logs and fletch them with a knife and drop them.


Looking for quotes and timeframes.


Have to cut around 8450 maple logs which is around 845k xp for woodcutting

plus also have to do fletching 59-70 which is 490k xp

Total price: 19.8m

( plus we can are giving out discounts for our first few clients )

Time frame: Hit me up, as we provide speedy service option which works around the clock :)

click the sig below for more details of speedy service :)

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