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Don't Deal with Asuna


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Mods aren't approving dispute thread and are inactive atm so decided to open this thread.

Sold him 180m 07 and he said he sent the BTC but nothing is coming up on transaction history.

He sent me a invalid blockchain address and is dodging the question of screensharing on skype when asked.

Don't deal atm..

He isn't responding to me

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5 minutes ago, Crime said:


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Precisely why I say, no matter what the rank, don't trust them. A mod said that he was mod so I could trust him and asked for payment first, but then when I refused and didn't sell to him he got banned 1 day later for scamming. Never trust people, no matter what the rank/feedback. Always take precautions cause you'll never know when they'll scam quit on you.

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1 minute ago, mutex said:



Sorry to say this but you might not be. Unless he can be held accountable for the hack, you lost $200. Sorry.

Unless Asuna is a nice guy and takes full responsibility and refunds

He is guaranteed to be held accountable for the hack.

However, the question is if he thinks it's worth it to refund or just call it a day and accept the ban.

All comes down to morality at this point, we'll see the outcome. (Hopefully, he makes the right decision).

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49 minutes ago, Crime said:

The moderators have determined that he has been hacked.

However, will I be refunded by Asuna (himself) is the real question.

usually from all past Disputes I have seen, the guy responsible ( who's account got hacked ) has to refund for the loss, so it should happen this time too, but lets hope you get your money back.

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