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some interesting numbers


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okay so this is rs3 gold farming as that's what i do.



a standard money making method with low requirements makes around 500k / hour.

gold sellers buy bulk for around 0.17$ / million.


one account is capable of making 12m gp / day in theory

That's a mighty 2.00$ / day


let's say i have 5 accounts running, so that's 10$ / day

and 70$ / week

280$ / month


if you make a small investment of 2000$ and buy yourself 3 used PC's with quad-core intel and some old bitcoin assfucked gpu's and use sli. 


you can run around 5 bots on each pc without maxing out the resource usage = stable


you would make 1400$ / month

16800$ / year


so you would turn that 2000$ investment into 14800$ profit


ofcourse this is not as self explainatory as it might seem, these are just numbers. 


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now account for the ~95% ban rate, electricity, time consumed.








Been running my farm for 24 hours / day excluding downtime now for 2 weeks without a single ban. 

My electricity bill is around 160€ / year with 3 PC's online. 

Time consumed less than a hour / day. 

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Wouldn't had answered if I didnt read.

I know a method that makes 24M/Day and 5 bots on 1 computer makes $40000 a year.

Why buy 3 computers and only make 16k? unsure.png


These numbers arent interesting at all.


Due to the fact that these are the methods where a public script is available and literally have requirements you can get fresh of tutorial island.

=> easy to replace accounts

=> less down time when banned

=> low running cost

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why would you farm rs3 for 500k/h when you can get like 250k/h on osrs also with low reqs ?


OSRS is way too time consuming if you look at the banrates. It would almost require me to do this full-time which is just a stupid idea. This is money I can just use for useless shit like prostitutes, alcohol and drugs.

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