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Zulrah account With pet!

Lord Charlie

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how long are you susceptible to getting banned for botting after your last bot use?


I had a 2 day ban on a recent account, stayed off it for 12 days never even logged in.. came back and was banned.

have not botted since the x2 bann been 3 days already since bann 

but I wouldn't say 2 days disparage an account, as it is just as credible as a none banned one, just depends on the decision making of the next owner.

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What does KC mean? and is the value of account lowered because of ban?

Hi, KC means 'killcount' :) Also, depending on the buyer, the price of the account may be lowered.  If the person intends on botting on the account, then yes, the price will most likely be lowered, but if a player wishes to play the account legit, it won't really affect the price of the account.

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