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I'm back


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Hello everyone it's good to be back


some may remember my old goal's thread getting a defence pure to 99 defence 100% legit without a bot,


some may remember my 100 hour slave labour going to the highest bidder and many other services i offered


and to all who're new Hello!





just a little explanation as to why i am twc, i know i will get shit for being twc but have accepted that's inevitable and wil try my best to prove myself a worthwhile member


i wanted to have that text doc as my signature in a hyper link, but im unable to due to TWC




so i guess i will have to manually link people this thread when asked, thanks for your time and once again sorry for my immature mistakes of the past.


also would like to thank maldesto for being understanding and unbanning me.


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"I'm quittin anyways so I'd figured to make a quick buck with scamming", I hate people like you and you should stay away.

i almost instantly regretted it, it's not the point that was my thought process at the time and i know it was completely immature and pathetic, but i have changed and to say people cant change (once a scammer always a scammer) is short sighted at best


it was 2 years ago mate, i'm almost 24 years old now i have gone through some serious real life experiences that made me really question who i want to be in this life


and it's not a drug addicted scammer, you are of course entitled to your opinion and i mean fair enough the only information you have to judge me on is the past, but given time i hope to change your opinion, that people can and will change if given the chance.

welcome back dylan, funny that you still have a siggy though

yeah i can't remove or edit it at all.

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