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Whips Bot Farm


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Whips bottling:

I am just starting out a bot farm as while I just starting my studies in computer science. Posting here for tips/ideas. My goal is 50-100$ profit per month starting out here. Trial and error is the name of the game from what I'm hearing.

Wallet: 100-200$ a month for whatever I need

Current setup:

I have a VPN built for OSBOT that can run 4 bots min at a time.

Started by creating 8 bot accounts, running 3-4 a time.

Every six hours or so I will rotate in the others.

Currently running:

Started fishing shrimp to level 30 then trout to 50 then lobsters. But these are only 60k/h from what I'm seeing. I ran these for the last two days. Ran 4 bots 6 hours at a time. I used a total of 8 bots and only 3 made it without getting banned. With these results I need to change some stuff up or I'll never reach my goal.

What can I do to save time creating accounts, how many should I run at a time? Let's discuss some ideas if anyone's interested in dropping some advice.

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3-4 is fine are you using proxies? also if you are able to babysit for a minute or two and strike a convo in a clan chat or public it helps, i've been botting agility for 9-10hrs at a time, i interact with people every once and awhile in a CC and i think it helps, are you also taking advantage or mirror mode?

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I think this is a decent goal you have for a starter. If you succeed, you should increase :)

Good luck with the farm. You'll need to make 3m a day to reach you goal, which is very easy to do.

Running 4 accounts in f2p at 50k each should easily allow you to reach your goal, even go over depending how many hours you bot.

Tips here


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