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Please let me know if this is against the rules. I will gladly remove this if thats the case.




I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about http://RsShuffle.com. RsShuffle is as far as I am aware the first and only (so far) of its kind. It's a jackpot based site where you can throw your gold into a pot and other users may do the same. The amount of gold you wager is the amount of % you have in that pot. For example: If player 1 bets one million and player 2 bets one million aswell, both players will have a 50% chance to take it all home.  Same goes for if player 1 bets 700k and player 2 bets 300k, player 1 will get 70% chance as where player 2 will get 30%.


We currently have a promotion going on. 1m deposit = 2m balance. Limited time only.


Enough explaining, lets get into the action.


When you visit RsShuffle.com, you will first see this page.


You can register clicking here: 


Once you've signed in, you will come to this page: 

12b859a861134e69bb1b131d3e62ea39.pngThis is where the magic happens. Now I know it looks dull right now but we're working very hard on the looks. Any suggestion is welcome.

You can create/enter a game by clicking here:

d7b0b440f7534dc5bfab1353d7013556.pngExamples of previous games: 



How to deposit:

2b3f25741867465481f222ed5361bcdb.pngThen you'll come to the deposit page where you can choose between paypal and osrs gp.


You will then be taken to the livechat and handled. You then receive the amount deposited in balance on the website.


I hope this sparks some interest and can result in a more active site!


Disclaimer: I do not own this website. I'm simply a cashier.


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Wrong section for one, two you're not allowed to advertise. You got to ask @@Maldesto to post it. 

Oh, but we're advertising in the banner aswell on top. + maldesto once posted a paid advertisement for us. I will remove this (or ask for it to be removed) if this is true indeed. Thanks for the heads up!

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like the idea , but aren't most of these rigged ?


Well you are not betting against the system, only real betters. Our cashiers don't have access to play the game.


We are currently developing dice duels and provably fair dicing btw.

your site colors and interfaces are really bad


As unbound said, we are aware. Please keep in mind, we strive for function before layout, and that means layout is done when we've finished all of our games (dice duels, provably fair and wheel of fortune).

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