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Botting/Banned Ideas


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So i am a long time botter,  I have been having a blast farming accounts and making the beats i always dreamed of. 


I got banned on my obby mauler over a year ago, I came back and the offense expired ,


So i botted crabs again, I did pk alot and do a quest in between


I was using a crab script , It seemed strange the first couple times i started it up ( only used it 3 times at the most ) as there appeared to never be anyone at the crabs which i thought maybe it was something they contained .


Anyhow i used it 3 times  in a three day period, ( On the 3rd day i got banned )


I was rather confused at first because 1 , It only had been 3 days since i logged in for the first time in a 1  1/2 years , 


So clearly the account can't either be botted at rock crabs or cant be botted period .


It was another 1 day ban however so again i was confused on why they didnt just give me a perm ban instead of my second temporary ban


The account is over 12 years old so maybe that has something to do with it , Sorry for rambling and thank you to anyone who took the time to read , Just trying to gather some ideas on what my best options are to do now , And discuss how rs is detecting .



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dont bot on an account you care about


I clearly don't care about the account was just strange on how it happened , Thanks for a pointless comment.

Maybe Jagex just caught ya bro unsure.png


I think it's luck lol


Well i'm going to keep on botting just not them crabs lol so we'll see

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