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so my friend wants to know (relationship advice ;) )


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Maybe just stick around for that person, if it was meant to be, then you will find a way to end up together, otherwise, just move on, theres someone waiting out there for everyone, just gotta be patient and wait smile.png



move on




thanks u guys are like 2 of the only nice normal people on here -and not giving retarded answers

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"my friend". Heh heh.

Just move on. 99% sure there's a better person for you out there.


lol ok u got me ;)

the 'bf' also has a friend who always ddos me etc coz he hates me, nd yet he stays friends with him. he chooses him over me so fuck that u are right

Should never chase someone who doesn't really care.


okay but how to resist the temptation of messaging them? they said they will 'think' about taking her back so she is waiting for an answer

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