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  1. @JackthedonI'm sorry but I cant pay in the next 48 hrs, however next Tuesday you shall receive my funds. Thanks and I will talk to you then. You have my word
  2. so how much in total? shesh 68m for botted mage, oh well my fault, how long do I have? I don't have gp at this point of time.
  3. I'm aware I can't use it as an excuse and am prepared for any consequence/refund required. Thanks
  4. Can confirm Jack got 94 magic, was i believe 55 or something before hand.
  5. Hi, sorry have been out, I don't know if I recovered the account by mistake? as I was trying to recover old accounts (That I haven't sold, to see what they were) I have no issues with him having the account back, I'll have to recover it first as I don't know the details but I'm more than happy Hope you understand and we can meet an arrangement. I forgot to say that is 100% my email. Thanks
  6. I can do this however I can't afford a bond haha
  7. I'll do 3m per run can probably do 5-10 every afternoon
  8. 500k if u get to jad
  9. U can always hit up wintertodt/ or agility pyramid for cash
  10. Whats ur agility level and fm level?
  11. Yeah Merloman#2809
  12. merloman

    Starter Zerk

    Stats https://gyazo.com/3a9474a67f21c358840ed57018b4fc48 Black marks https://gyazo.com/25da00f1a1e80d8eb31431d9583c631e Items https://gyazo.com/759ced6fce6304c1acd9269459b56f15 Quests https://gyazo.com/49500860de90e8113d789f72342d91db - Has done dragon slayer, fremmy trials, fully 42 def quested and most of prayer. A/W - 35M Bidding - 20M Start
  13. merloman

    Jad Killer

    Thanks Night! Taking orders
  14. merloman

    Jad Killer

    Hello there Every had trouble doing jad? able to do the whole fight cave but kill jad yourself? Well I am offering 500k-1m (stats) to kill jad. 1. You will be logout at the start of wave 62. 2. You will be given a full refund and paid supplies for next trip which I can do if you want if I fail 3. If you don't login at start of wave 62. This may impact the kill. 4. Low level accounts must have enough supplies left to finish wave 62/63 (Jad) 5. All OSbot Terms and services apply to this thread
  15. merloman

    Pc Main

    https://gyazo.com/2d10f01fcc86e44bb518f206acba54cf Also has 78 construction, void, torso, firecape, ds2 and mm2 done, new avas, rigour/augury, b gloves
  16. Time period on the NMZ part?
  17. I can have 1 done for you in 2 days but I cant supple bond..
  18. when do you need them done by?
  19. Would love too do this! but sadly don't have that much for a deposit good luck finding someone Jordan I am a big fan of your site! Also as an aussie I always get Gleets, give that man a raise! haha
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