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Wintertodt getting nerfed...


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I checked my subscriptions on YouTube and a video popped up saying that Wintertodt is gonna get nerfed badly on Thursday. What are your guys' thoughts on this? How bad is it going to affect some of you currently botting it? I myself have never done Wintertodt, but I planned on giving it a go here soon to make some money while getting some levels. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Post your thoughts on this subject below.



EDIT: So I thought I should update this since I went deeper into how it's going to get nerfed. They are going to change the drop rate of seeds. It's been confirmed by Mod Ash.


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You will make less gp than now

gnome.png  Obviously.... I believe that's what nerfed means,,,,

they honestly shouldnt released a firemaking activity that rewards you with a shitton of logs


like emote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.png  why do you get logs from firemaking



but jagex isnt really good at balancing stuff 


Lmao. True. You get rewarded logs for earning experience burning them. emote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.png

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