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♚ Playing legit then botting at certain level ♚

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So if I'm right technically you can make more money from getting a level legit


lets say hunter getting to chin level - 63 for red chins

then botting straight from there giving you longer than u would from level 1

as it takes a while to get to lvl 63 so u have the extra botting time what

it would take u from 1-63


or is it just the fact red chins are so monitored you would get a ban at the same time

as it starts to flag u once your there as its a highly botted area???



anyone have any information on this


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I think it's kind of a mix of both. The entire time you're botting you run the risk of being flagged, but some areas are more likely to get you flagged than others. So I wouldn't say you'd necessarily get more time at chins if you leveled yourself there without a bot, but you negate the chance of getting flagged before you even get there which could lead to you being banned very quickly once you got there.


Overall what I'd say is you might be better off leveling there yourself but there isn't much point in it.

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Problem with the skill hunter is thats so common to bot it. My hunter bots got banned way faster then others. But i dont think it makes a difference to get a certain level and bot on a higher level for the profit. Smart botters dont bot for long hours. And most suicide botters have a script with low reqs anyways imo.

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