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  1. You messaged me later saying you want 275m and you won’t post a dispute. so what kind of refund is that saying. You’ll be happy getting more money and brush it under the rug or take the 185m and I’ll have a twc for the entire span of my time here. Basically your saying I’m going to be paying 90m to buy off the twc status.
  2. @Decodeso you now will take the refund iv been offering you the past 2 days, but then you go and message me that if I pay you 275m you won’t dispute it. Why are you trying to get more money out of me when you would take the 185m you paid for the account. @Chris @Decode I will pay his 185m but I will not have any restrictions on my account because everyone has lied a little and done shady shit in this dispute
  3. Near maxed as 13 def black slayer helm with firecape and Ava’s discord - NoPrayer#2140 Skype - killerflea123
  4. Add my Skype - killerflea123 or discord - NoPrayer#2140
  5. A/W - 180$ I'm OO Terms of trade - OSRS or BTC or Paypal from very trusted
  6. No Prayer


    Will buy 50m skype- killerflea123 discord - NoPrayer#2140
  7. No Prayer

    77-94 mage

    Can do it 57mil any method
  8. 20m + supplies Discord - NoPrayer#2140 Skype - Killerflea123
  9. Buying with PayPal at .70/mil Discord- NoPrayer#2140 Skype - killerflea123
  10. No Prayer

    90-99 str

    Can do 5gp/xp discord- NoPrayer#2140 skype - killerflea123
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