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[15min Till Sold] ● Maxed Main ● 192QP ● Barrows Gloves ● Firecape ● Void ●

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​offer of 200m has been made will be sold @ 2pm (gmt on 26/08/2016) unless a higher offer is made thanks


70 - firemaking

​64 - fletching

9 - hunter

Current Bid - 200m

A/w - N/A

payment - paypal/ukbt/07gp

Notable things!


Barrows Glove's

Dragon Defender

Void (Range and mage)

Rune Pouch (store's 3 types of runes)

Soul bearer (Sends ensouled head's to the bank)

Fighter hat

Slayer helm, rings and broads

Zammy Book, Ancient Book, Armadyl Book





​How the trade will happen - u can log onto the account for a few mins to see that fact the account still exists then you will go first or a middle man can be used @ your fees

I'm the OO email will be transferred

would like to sell to a legitimate player as even tho I am selling a great amount of effort went into it over the period of a few years

My T.O.S

BY Posting you acknowledge the fact that if the account is banned after sale

you will not receive a refund but I will try to recover the account to the best of my ability.

You acknowledge that you will be going first or the use of a middle man at your fee's

You Acknowledge the account can be recovered by me in the attempt of a charge back win/loss

You Acknowledge and agree to the Osbot Global T.O.S

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