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  1. enor

    hey i brought the smithing bot this morning and have used it for cannon balls works amazing but i try to smelt steel bars and it corrupts after a minute or two everytime it says that there is not enough inventory space : Not enough inventory space to withdraw full amount of: Coal
    [INFO][Bot #1][03/16 04:41:43 AM]: Force-stopping activity: Not enough inventory space to withdraw item: Coal
    [INFO][Bot #1][03/16 04:41:43 AM]: All registered activities have been completed.
    [INFO][Bot #1][03/16 04:41:48 AM]: Terminating script APA AIO Smither...


    was just wondering if im doing something wrong or if its a error with the bot but i would appreciate if you could reply and or fix it somehow :(?

    1. Apaec


      Hey enor,

      Looks like the client is currently down due to the latest OSRS update. Please be patient while the developers work on a fix!


    2. enor


      how do i know if client is up im new to botting lol but i was botting an account that was mage ages ago but had verry little stats i botted attack to 25 str to 50 deff to 25 and got around 35 hp or so or 40 and was banned a few hours ago im looking for tips also if thats ok if you can private message me the tips and the bot still works after the update for cannon balls but i dont know if i should keep risking my account that is doing cannon balls all day lol cause it has 60 deff 1 all other combat stats 99 woodcutting and 83 smithing wich i did all legit 

    3. Apaec


      This is a useful thread, if you're worried about bans - https://osbot.org/forum/topic/124429-preventing-rs-botting-bans-v2/

      In short, your best bet is to keep botting sessions sparse, efficient and quick.

      Normally there's a post on the forum when the client is solved, that or scripts miraculously start working!



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