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  1. Hi can i get a trial?
  2. Looks great, May i have a trial? Thank you!
  3. Got banned today, It says 2 day ban, Will it get permanent banned or can i continue to play after this ban? OFFENCE EVIDENCE OFFENCE Bot Busting Moderate TYPE Ban OFFENCE DATE 25-Feb-2019 OFFENCE PENALTY ENDS 27-Feb-2019 12:29:03 UTC OFFENCE EXPIRY 25-Feb-2020 12:29:03 UTC GAME RuneScape OFFENCE EVIDENCE Evidence Type: Jagex Moderator Comment
  4. Got banned while using this for about 1 hour. Dont know if i was caught on earlier scripts or this one. Used injection. Any more bans on this script? The script was very smooth and did not feel botlike at all.
  5. Looks awesome would love to try this out! Trial?
  6. Hello would like to try this before bying(Agility), Can i have a free trial ? How is the banrate btw how long would u recommend running this bot per day ( with pauses ) ! Love ur scripts u the man
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