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  1. Hey man I think a cool feature would be to add a pre-hover option to the alching so once it finishes the transverse it can automatically alch and then continue running to the next transverse. Instead of finishing transverse ---> mouse to spell --> click spell ----> next transverse. It's something small but in the long run would make the script even better!
  2. I want to buy this!! hit me up!
  3. Hello there, a cool feature to add into your script would be enabling ability to consume summer pies or potions so you can go to a higher level course and gain more xp per hour from a lower level. This is just some food for thought, literally. Thanks!
  4. script is pretty coo. thanks. love you bro
  5. this bot needs an update for noted bones by gilded alter pls
  6. Hey there, first off I wanted to say thank you for an amazing script. APA Sand Crabs is one of the best i've ever seen or used. I also wanted to acknowledge a little hick-up i've noticed after the most recent Update to OSRS, this bot is not acting like it should. November 30, 2017. when using the script. the script will not "click" things like its suppose to. when moving it will only use the mini map. but the script it unable to walk, click to eat food, or successfully click to log out / switch worlds. Please look into this issue so i can get back to my amazing botting experience. If you have any further questions please let me know so i can help, also please message back when you successfully fix this small hiccup in the system. Thank you.
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