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  1. Wow! I really liked this, keep it up
  2. Yes. The reason it's working is because you're very very familiar with the code and I bet you if I asked you to tell me where a part of the code is, you could easily recall exactly where to find it. This, unfortunately, doesn't usually work in the long term. Especially if you come back to the codebase after a long break, or if someone else attempts to work on it. I still think it's great what you've done, though. The best way to learn is to actually write code. A lot of people are very good at talking about things, but never learn much because they don't put things into practice. Well done
  3. Great job, but I think you will realise the importance of good program design when you attempt to maintain this project. Every time you try to change something, it's going to be a big headache.
  4. Looking for someone a bit higher division than Silver 3 but thanks My preferred role is mid, but I also play a fair amount of adc and top.
  5. Silver V and EUW. i didn't take ranked seriously at all until now, so I don't think I belong in this division. At my current standing, I would say I can play at high silver/low gold. I've played games with a Gold V friend of mind and outperformed him a few times. I'm wildy inconsistent at the moment. At times, I'd say I play at a bronze standard, at other times I might be pushing plat standard.
  6. I recently started playing LoL a few months ago and now I've decided to start taking it more seriously. I'm looking for a high tier LoL player to play with me or watch me play and help me to improve. I'm willing to invest a lot of time into this, and I will take our sessions together seriously. My skype is: noble.stark1.
  7. Family always comes first. Stay strong, I wish you the best @Maxi.
  8. Please share any flaws you find in the code. I want this to be a learning aid for scripters. If there are parts you don't like, let us all know so new scripters don't pick up bad habits from my code
  9. Probably never actually going to finish this script off, so here it is for free. I hope new scripters will be able to learn from the code. Feel free to use this code in your own scripts, but please don't try to use this code in your premium scripts. https://github.com/TriHard/OSBot/tree/master/StarkBarrows
  10. I hope at least someone finds this useful. I know I had a few people asking how they would structure a script building script like this. The code isn't the best, but it's okay. Feel free to use the code in any of your scripts. Thanks to @Brainfree for the pathfinding code. https://github.com/TriHard/OSBot/tree/master/LegoScriptCreator There's also an unfinished slayer script for Advertising other bots isn't allowed. if you want to take a look at that: https://github.com/TriHard/Advertising other bots isn't allowed./tree/master/THSlayer
  11. Someone let me teamviewer you when you recreate the bugs with Stark Mercher and I will happily fix.. Haven't had one decent bug report

  12. Webwalker is almost complete! Brace yourselves for the most intelligent global walking system ever devised for RS!

    1. SAHI


      do you have an eta for it mate?

    2. toophat4u
    3. toophat4u
  13. If you want 100% reliability about who is running your script at any given time, just maintain a persistent ping/pong connection using sockets between the client and server. If you want a rough idea, do what @Parameter said.
  14. Stark


    Just mapped out Burthorpe and Taverly
  15. Stark


    Just mapped out Al-Kharid. I've also edited my webmaker so that it shows me the path it generates between two tiles I click on the map. I'll show a demo once I've mapped out a few more areas. It's awesome :P Not at first. I might consider releasing open source later on, though. If you have any questions about how it all works, feel free to PM me or add my skype: noble.stark1
  16. Stark


    Just did a bit of optimisation, and got the runtime down to 2ms to 4ms, without the use of any heuristic. I'll probably end up adding some sort of heuristic to it, if the runtime gets much higher as I add more nodes/edges.
  17. Stark


    I'll look into it. At the moment, I'm getting average ~15ms to calculate a path with ~1k nodes, with furthest apart nodes. Once I map out more, I'll see how it scales.
  18. Stark


    The complexity of the RS map means that any fast heuristic would be inaccurate most of the time, or if you did make an accurate heuristic it would be slow. I may be wrong, but that's how I interpreted it and decided to use Dijkstra.
  19. Stark


    If you give me a list of all the dungeons/areas that aren't already on my list, I'll add them to my list and map them out when I can It *can*, in theory, support absolutely everywhere in RS, if I map it out.
  20. Stark


    Decided to make this after users feeling that the logic system in my AIO Fighter is too hard to use. If you don't know what a webwalker is, it's basically a piece of software that allows you to travel to any location in RS. It consists of a huge list of paths (aka edges) between tiles (aka nodes) which could be walking paths, doors, stairs, agility shortcuts, or anything that you can traverse. At first, I will only have this available in my AIO Fighter, but I may use it in a walking and/or slayer script in the future. Webwalker progress - Implemented Djikstra's algorithm to calculate a route from any node to another node in fastest way possible - Handling of all gates, doors, etc.. - Handing of all ladders, staircases, etc.. - Certain paths have requirements attached to them (e.g. agility shortcuts require certain agility level, al-kharid gate requires 10gp or prince ali's rescue quest) - the webwalker will take this into consideration when calculating paths and only take paths that it can actually pass - Ability to simply click the location of where to travel to (or bank) on a map of RS - Teleportation using teletabs - Teleportation using runes - Mapped: Varrock Lumbridge Edgeville Barbarian village Draynor Falador Al-kharid Ice mountain Wilderness Canifis Relekka Taverley Burthorpe Slayer tower Port sarim Rimmington Morytania Port Phasmatys Mort'ton Burgh de Rott Desert below al-kharid Bandit camp Kharidian desert Nardah Sophanem Karamja Shilo village Ape Atoll Pest control Feldip hills Castle wars Yanille Gu'Tanoth Tree gnome village East Ardougne West Ardougne (LET ME KNOW IF I MISSED ANY LOCATIONS OFF THE LIST) Key: Complete Almost complete Incomplete
  21. Epic. Couldn't have imagined anything better. It's perfect! I highly recommend @Designer for any gfx, he's at the top of his game - so so good Looking forward to purchasing more packages from you soon. Thanks
  22. Question 3....I know how to do the other questions
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