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  1. you need to be lifetime sponor or someone who gives a shit about to get an emote, sorry noob of time.
  2. somewhere over the rainbow please.
  3. tbh i would love the game if it was bot free but i follow the simple rule of, if you can't beat em, join em.
  4. he was middle maning for me and "easyaspieee" and he scammed me for 385m rs3 and him for 70m 07, transaction was done via chatbox so you can see it right?, if not ill post pictures.
  5. as title says, don't give low ball offers. Add me on skype : wowzoor
  6. As title says. add my skype: wowzoor looking for like 1.3/m paypal
  7. Jeff

    Selling 07 GP

    Wanting to buy 30m
  8. If anyone has any they don't want I am willing to pay with paypal for them. We can discuss price over skype : wowzoor
  9. Jeff


    Guys please keep on the original topic I've been in the chat less than 30 minutes and I've been asked or bothered about it 5 times. And It's more than just that. I don't want to be apart of a community that thinks I'm a scammer...
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