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  1. Dear Czar, id like to ask u about the script "Perfect Runecrafter" but just the master/worker mode, as i am interested in setting up 3 accounts that wil trade my main with essence, as hiring runners is very expensive

    Whats the ban rate on this mode, also can we set it to misclick / purposely make mistakes inorder to immitate human behaviour?

    Thank u. @Czar

    1. Sir Hasta

      Sir Hasta

      @Czar fyi, i was temporary banned on my main for 2 days for botting an year ago using different bot/ script. however if my slave accounts which i wil use to run essence for me r caught  on my same ip and banned will my main also get banned? since its quite obvious that the botting account was trading my main essence. Just being super careful since this isnt my first offence. 

      Thanks for help btw

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