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  1. cutiekank

    1-55 slayer

    60m i provide everything
  2. 8m i keep fish caught, hand done - or can power via waterfall
  3. cutiekank

    Mith gloves

    15m cheapest as long as u got req's
  4. yeah got it, cause i didn't show some kid 25b
  5. TWC means nothing but otay D
  6. cutiekank

    price check

    lvl 40 65 str 54 range 49 mage 57 hp 106 thieving 1 pray 1 def
  7. cutiekank


    i have Received a TWC for no Reason. i'd like a Explanation ''NIGHT'' since you like giving them out for no Apparent Reason.
  8. cant find you discord josh #6076
  9. 80m my supplise have done couple of these
  10. 215m and that will be all quest, even when u receive the skills to do others
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