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  1. My bot is getting Stuck on just clicking a tab. I have tried to change tab from tab 2 ( i know tab number does not matter) to Main tab. Still same problem. Update. I changed bank from GE to Varrock West. Now it runs
  2. Will it decrease the price, that I open chest. by doing so, the buyer will have fewer chest to open themselves, and fewer crates in total, by me getting 2.5 % faster xp ? And just to be clear. you would say I should expect 50$ as selling price. or would you say it was possible for me to get 75$. I know it might take time to find buyers. but I would rather wait abit than lose 1/3 of the profit
  3. Hello and welcome to my price check Lets say I were to make HCIM wintertodt accounts. From what I have read, accounts with 600+ chest and 99 FM are going for around 75 $ 1. If I were to make a account where I open chest until I receive full Pyro gear. and therefore only have 300 chest or so left. how much would that sell for 2. If I were to do the same as 1. But in the progress get the pet. Would that increase it ? for both I would be fixing brazier for Con xp. and fletching for those fletch lvls Hope some of you can help me with it
  4. Okay. thx for the fast respons
  5. @Token Where is the script on SDN. cant seem to find it
  6. Bump on the last question
  7. Will it decrease value, if i open crates until i get full pyrooutfit ? of course saving every drop i get. And if i open, if i then hit a pet. will it increase the value more ?
  8. I was wonderring. in order to do it more effiecently that i would lvl attack up to lvl 5 on dummies in varrock. will this decrease a account value for HCIM with 99 FM ?
  9. How much is a HCIM Worth with 99 fm from wintertodt with all crates unopened, and also around 70 thieving.
  10. How much is a wintertodt ironman and hardcore ironmans worth and How much if All loot is taken away ?
  11. Why do the script log out after i start it. the tasks are toadflax and toadflax potions
  12. Script name Khal Wintertodt - trial length saturday and sunday (Also possible friday and saturday) - Reason for trial - Looking to purchase a wintertodt script. and the reason for the weekend, is to do small test. to ensure bans. - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? I will leave a message if i like it or not. and if i have any input for the script.
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