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  1. sources.foreach { |link| browser.open(link) } puts "profit"

    1. harrynoob


      ive always been alive

  3. this is a java gore thread
  4. can you give me directions, i can't see it
  5. same goes for Maldesto
  6. Your reasoning is understandable but it's pretty irrelevant in this case. It's never wrong to care about performance though, haha.
  7. Except... Having constant-time lookups is not necessary in this case. RS scripting should not care about lookup efficiency in most cases, since all delay comes from the game itself. Also, I seriously doubt the OP will continually poll for available worlds; once he finds an available one, he will hop there. In the meantime, either OP won't poll or he will be waiting for a world to become available. HashMaps will keep his code simple and clean, too. Also, the HashMap won't contain thousands of elements; at most 50-ish. tl;dr rs isn't performance sensitive, writing new class is useless
  8. you're all overcomplicating this guys :| you can keep using a HashMap<Integer, Integer> (or HashMap<Integer, Long>, whatever you prefer) just iterate over map.entrySet() and find the entry with the lowest value property; then return that entry and grab the key from it (aka your world)
  9. hey what is your skype mate?

  10. im blonde i already told u dis im not even emo
  11. What about a sectional moderator? This doesn't give away too much power and keeps stuff casual. There's a ton of responsible dutch people on here. sup
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